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Grandma & The Color Red

Written by Joyce Straus, October 6, 2001


Grandma Joyce made a wonderful choice.

John the painter shook his head.

How about white?

She pointed to red.


She painted the walls.

She painted the floors.

She painted the ceilings, the windows, and doors.

She painted the table.

She painted each chair.

She did the patio because it was there.

Red everywhere... Red everywhere.


Bambi the dog,

passing by the red pail,

was covered with red

from his head to his tail.


Bananas were red,

and the oranges too.

Oh what was a lover

of red now to do?


Her very sweet grandchildren came to the door

dressed all in red, and what's even more,

one had a red lollipop right in her hand.

They all thought the redness was perfectly grand.


It was Saturday morning so there was no school.

They asked to go swimming in Grandma's red pool.

Red everywhere... Red everywhere.

She did the computer because it was there.


Her friends came to visit, and everyone said,

Tell us why Joyce painted everything red.


But no one could answer, and no one could guess,

and everyone thought that the place was a mess.

Red everywhere… Red everywhere,

Joyce really loved it, so she didn't care.


The point of the story is simply to show

if it's something you love, you'll certainly know.

What others may think is the right thing to do

may not be the answer of what's right for you.


So remember the story of Grandma and red

as I kiss you good night and tuck you in bed.

Be true to your heart, and shine like a star,

and be the great person you know that you are.

Joyce's Choices

Every day…be in balance and seek positive alternatives. 

Approach others first.

Have fun each day.

Seek the positive in all persons, places, and things.

Be responsible and specific – do that which you say you will do.

Be curious and spontaneous.

Be in the now.

When you increase your frustration tolerance, you strengthen your impulse control.

Achieve something important to you each day.

Picasso was right when he said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Life begets life, energy begets energy; by spending oneself, one becomes rich.

Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.

Imperfect ourselves, we must be tender towards others.

If you listen, everything speaks.

 You can’t have all the candy in the candy store.

Every action has a consequence.

If you are patient in a moment of anger, you will escape 100 days of sorrow!

We are the sum total of all the choices we make.

There are no ordinary people.

Nature always fills a vacuum.

Work with what you have and don’t worry about what you don’t have.

Do not aspire to immortal life but exhaust the limits of the possible.

Carpe diem … seize the day.

Struggle must be accepted as a part of life.

 A road may lead to a single house, but it’s not love’s road. Love is a river – drink from it.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Pain and sadness are inevitable, but suffering is your choice.

What is, is.

Two people working together can accomplish anything

Suffering originates from craving and attachment.

Need less, to gain more.

Be melting snow – wash yourself of yourself.

Life is a gift, use it well!

Look carefully into the ashes for there you will find hidden treasures

Everything that blossoms eventually fades.

Be yourself in a world that tries to make you like everyone else.

Liberation is based on acceptance.

When you give up the need to control…you GAIN control!

Everyone has a RIGHT to his or her opinion …and you have a RIGHT to agree or disagree


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